I.D.E.A. Collaborative Charette

Over the past few months the IDEA Collaborative has begun initiating a creative design process for the liberation of an innovative urban park in the heart of Downtown San Diego’s East Village. This location will be the center and jumping off point for the transformative new neighborhood known as the I.D.E.A. District.

Last month the IDEA Collaborative met at the New School of Architecture and Design (NSAD) for a planning charette to gather and incorporate all of the thoughts and concepts for how to develop this new urban park space. The IDEA Collaborative is made up of partners and stakeholders from various institutions and community based organizations such as San Diego City College, The New School of Architecture and Design, the SDSU College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts, the SDSU College of Engineering, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, the University of San Diego Burnham-Moores School of Real Estate, the San Diego Foundation and the I.D.E.A. Partners.

Throughout the design charette, members contributed their thoughts and ideas on how to best implement the park to fit the community’s interests and the concepts of the I.D.E.A. District. Some of these concepts include the possibility for implementation of a community garden, development of parklets, a food truck gathering area, wood working and artistic workshops, establishment of local art, music, and fashion shows, as well as a dog park and farmers market.

The next design workshop will build upon these ideas and aim to move towards a more established plan for how to liberate the community park. This charette will focus on specific ideas about activities, programs, art exhibits, temporary structures, and case studies that are consistent with the ideals of the IDEA Collaborative. Participation is open to those interested in getting involved with the project and that want to see the realization of a Liberated Park. If you would like to get involved please contact us at or on our Facebook page and let us know how you and your team propose to be involved and realize your ideas. The next charette will take place on Friday November 30th from 2pm until 4pm at the NSAD.

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Barcelona Inspiration for San Diego District

Last week, CEO of 22@Barcelona Josep Pique presented at the Global Forum on the Culture of Innovation in San Diego alongside I.D.E.A. Partners Dave and Pete. His innovative design for Barcelona has since yielded a mixed-use zone of high-tech companies, affordable housing units, and higher education institutions… exactly what we’d like to see happen in San Diego. The San Diego Union Tribune ran an article yesterday about the parallels between Josep Pique’s development 22@Barcelona and the I.D.E.A. District,  read the full article below:

San Diego Union Tribune: Barcelona Inspiration for San Diego District

Innovative People Would be ‘Infrastructure’ of I.D.E.A. District

The San Diego Business Journal covered the I.D.E.A. District and the Global Forum on the Culture of Innovation this week. Click below to read more:

Innovative People Would Be ‘Infrastrucutre’ of I.D.E.A. District

How Does San Diego Win the Race for Talent?

The San Diego Union-Tribune published an op-ed piece by I.D.E.A. Partners David Malmuth and Pete Garcia on Sunday.

Cities are competing in the most important race of the 21st century: the race for talent. To read more about how San Diego can win the race for talent, click here.

I.D.E.A. District on the Brian Britt Show

I.D.E.A. Partners David Malmuth and Pete Garcia were recently featured on the Brian Britt Show. By shaping San Diego’s urban environment, the I.D.E.A. District will attract an abundance of well-educated innovative residents, enhancing San Diego’s cultural presence, broadening its economic sustainability, and engendering future growth.

Read more from the Brian Britt Show.

Listen to the podcast here and here.


Portland = Pearl, San Diego = I.D.E.A

Learning what has made Portland successful reveals opportunities for San Diego’s transition, whether by choice or necessity, from suburban to urban. By creating a complete community, building a physical framework, and establishing a sense of place, the I.D.E.A. District can offer a high quality of life to San Diegans and attract innovative, educated residents downtown.

Read Portland/Pearl, San Diego/I.D.E.A. by San Diego planner Myles Pomeroy and local architect Zach Adams.

There’s More Than Art in the Art Districts

Arts districts, usually found on the periphery of a city center, are intended to create a critical mass of art galleries, dance clubs, theaters, art cinemas, music venues, and public squares for performances. More often, such places attract restaurants, cafes, and retail shops.

More and more however, cities are thinking about such art and cultural districts as one way to ensure the city attracts, nurtures and retains the creative workforce it needs to succeed in the new economy.

With no NEA grant but with funding from private investors, the I.D.E.A. District for Innovation, Design, Education and Art has recently begun building an arts district that will stretch over 35 city blocks in East Village. This plan, like the one in Boston, is more than just art, more than just another real estate development too. It represents another powerful model for cities struggling to get on the global information highway.

View the article from the Huffington Post.

Pete Garcia and David Malmuth - I.D.E.A. District

Home and “Away From Home” Come Together in Mixed-Use

IDEA Partners featured in the San Diego Business Journal:

Pete Garcia and partner David Malmuth, of IDEA Partners, are part of a growing trend toward mixed-use developments in urban areas. Idea Partners has plans to develop the upper East Village in downtown San Diego into a design district.

Read more from the San Diego Business Journal

I.D.E.A. District

Vision Document Available Now

The IDEA Partners have released the full 67-page Vision Document to the public! To view the complete document in PDF format, click here.


I.D.E.A. District Featured in Urbanist Guide

Urbanist Guide interviews David Malmuth and Pete Garcia for its “Besides the Weather” column.

Check it out here.