I.D.E.A. District on the Brian Britt Show

I.D.E.A. Partners David Malmuth and Pete Garcia were recently featured on the Brian Britt Show. By shaping San Diego’s urban environment, the I.D.E.A. District will attract an abundance of well-educated innovative residents, enhancing San Diego’s cultural presence, broadening its economic sustainability, and engendering future growth.

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Portland = Pearl, San Diego = I.D.E.A

Learning what has made Portland successful reveals opportunities for San Diego’s transition, whether by choice or necessity, from suburban to urban. By creating a complete community, building a physical framework, and establishing a sense of place, the I.D.E.A. District can offer a high quality of life to San Diegans and attract innovative, educated residents downtown.

Read Portland/Pearl, San Diego/I.D.E.A. by San Diego planner Myles Pomeroy and local architect Zach Adams.