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I.D.E.A. District Featured in San Diego Magazine

We’re getting closer and closer to opening our first building, IDEA1 this September. Our friends at San Diego Magazine are also excited!

East Village Becoming Educational Powerhouse Live Work Create Apartments in San Diego IDEA District East Village

East Village Is Quietly Becoming an Education Powerhouse

The area is one of our region’s major educational clusters. You can go from preschool to post-graduate without ever leaving the neighborhood. The South East Village Focus Plan – an unofficial document prepared by a group of downtown property owners, design professionals and residents – lists leveraging the academic vibe as its No. 2 goal for the area.

Frog Designers Advice - Fast Company Design - As featured on IDEA District San Diego

3 Myths of What it Takes to be a Great Designer Explained by Frog Ventures

Of the evolving list of dream jobs for designers just out of school, the global design firm Frog might have the broadest appeal simply based on the nature of its work. In addition to pushing forward the design industry with sharp, curiosity-driven projects, its approach to design is interdisciplinary—which means it employs designers that work across digital, industrial, and interactive design.

Ideo sets out to measure innovation on Fast Company Design blog as featured on the IDEA District San Diego

Ideo Studied Innovation And Here’s What They Found

How do you measure “innovation?” It’s something that every organization seems to be after–just look at AT&T’s Innovation Pipeline, Sephora’s Innovation Research lab, and the University of Pennsylvania’s punny Pennovation Center–but it’s extremely hard to quantify.

IDEA District and IDEA1 contribute to ULI Europe Report Building the Innovation Economy (1)

I.D.E.A. District contributes to ULI Europe report

In case you missed it, ULI Europe held a conference in Rotterdam (at which I.D.E.A. District’s David Malmuth spoke) and just released their report “Building the Innovation Economy: City-Level Strategies for Planning, Placemaking and Promotion.” San Diego is featured along with Munich, Rotterdam and Tel Aviv.

UCSD Downtown as Featured by the IDEA District

UCSD opening permanent downtown outpost

UC San Diego, which previously held classes in rented space, has announced a $42 million, 66,000-square-foot downtown outpost. Construction is expected to begin next year with completion by late 2020 or early-2021.

IDEA1 Featured in Globe St

IDEA1 Creating An Extraordinary Downtown Neighborhood

IDEA1, the first new mixed-use building in the East Village’s 35-block I.D.E.A. District, stays true to its stakeholders’ vision of a neighborhood of, by and for innovative, creative and entrepreneurial individuals, David Malmuth tells

Frog Rules to Predicting Future as Featured on Fast Company Design | I.D.E.A. District San Diego Live Work Play

Frog’s 5 Steps to Predicting the Future

Of course predicting the future is impossible, but Frog can help you make an educated guess.

lean startups and design thinking stanford business article featured on IDEA District - Photo Credit REUTERS Charles Plateau

Lean Startup and Design Thinking: Getting the Best Out of Both

In the world of entrepreneurial incubation, design thinking and the lean startup approach are far from mutually exclusive. Check out this Stanford Business Article.


I.D.E.A. District Visits Rotterdam!

I.D.E.A. District Co-Founder, David Malmuth, presented in Rotterdam for Urban Land Institute Europe’s conference on Innovation in Urban Regeneration.