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Preschool to post-graduate without ever leaving the neighborhood

 Where are the offices and businesses planned for East Village? Voice of San Diego recently pointed out the dearth of office buildings being constructed in the quickly developing downtown neighborhood.

But the article missed one big component of East Village: education.

Yes, East Village has not yet become the office hub similar to University Town Center, or the research and development cluster in Sorrento Mesa – but that’s in part because something else is beginning to happen. The area is one of our region’s major educational clusters. You can go from preschool to post-graduate without ever leaving the neighborhood.

The South East Village Focus Plan – an unofficial document prepared by a group of downtown property owners, design professionals and residents – lists leveraging the academic vibe as its No. 2 goal for the area.

At the north end of East Village is the San Diego High School Educational Complex. The school has over 3,000 students.

To the south, across Russ Boulevard, is San Diego City College, with an enrollment of over 18,000 students. It is located on a campus that is continually expanding with new facilities and programs – over $500 million has been invested in the past five years. And with that expansion, City College has physically become even more a part of East Village.

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