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Frog Rules to Predicting Future as Featured on Fast Company Design | I.D.E.A. District San Diego Live Work Play

Frog’s 5 Steps to Predicting the Future

People everywhere wish they could look into a crystal ball and see their future—or at the very least, the future of their investments, business, and career. Frog, the global design consultancy, has developed a technique that’s probably about as close as we’ll get to prophecies told via glass orb.

It’s called “futurecasting.” And Frog’s clients hire the design firm to spend weeks or months evaluating how the world may change, and what new products and services may be needed as a result. It’s essentially a disruption simulator. The system involves lots of research as to where things are headed, envisioning worlds that may embody such trends, and even writing fictional headlines that flesh out the possibilities.

With such a forecast in hand, businesses can design to problems or opportunities that are on average about five years out.

“It’s not about predicting the future, per se,” says Sean Rhodes, executive creative director at Frog New York. “What we’re working to do is just trying to think about the future in a little bit more of an open way, which helps us to overcome our inherent built-in biases that really limit the creative thinking about where we’re going.”

During our Innovation Festival event in New York, Frog invited us in to try futurecasting firsthand.


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