I.D.E.A. District

I.D.E.A. District Visits Rotterdam!

I.D.E.A. District Presents at ULI Conference in Rotterdam!

A few weeks ago, I.D.E.A. District Partner and Co-Founder, David Malmuth, packed his bags and headed to Rotterdam for Urban Land Institute, Europe’s conference on Innovation in Urban Regeneration, where he was also given the opportunity to present concepts from IDEA1. The purpose of the event was to bring international experts to cities in Europe to share their insights on innovation and urban regeneration.

Why Rotterdam?
Rotterdam is working to create an eco-innovation system and district in the city, seeking to build on this momentum to develop a longer term strategy to establish the city as a centre for innovation in the long term, including the role of the city in driving the innovation activity. Rotterdam would like to ensure that its future plans have been tested and challenged, and that it draws on experience from cities elsewhere in the world, like I.D.E.A. District in San Diego.

Check out these photos for a inside scoop on the event:

Read the full ULI article here.

What’s Next?
ULI is currently producing a follow up report with findings and recommendations that will be relevant not just to Rotterdam, but other cities tackling similar issues. The report will be launched at ULI’s Fall Meeting in October 2016 – stay tuned!

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