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San Diego Live Work Play Create Apartments and Lofts in East Village | San Diego California | I.D.E.A. District at IDEA1

Innovative IDEA1 Live/Work Creative Complex Opening in East Village

IDEA1 Hub with Dancers at Opening Event | IDEA District

Dancers from the Art in Motion Dance Company prepare to perform in IDEA1’s central hub. Photo by Chris Jennewein

One of the most innovative urban living and working spaces in downtown San Diego — a courtyard community for entrepreneurs and artists — will open this month in the East Village.

IDEA1, developed by Lowe, LaSalle Investment Management and I.D.E.A. Partners, will welcome its first residents on Nov. 10

The development includes 295 apartments from studios to penthouses, 5,000 square feet of restaurant space, 7,700 square feet of office space and a variety of common areas, including a giant central hub.

“After seven years of working to bring this project to life, we are delivering on the promise of IDEA1,” said David Malmuth of I.D.E.A. Partners. “Our concept is to enhance the lives of residents and the community.”

The vision behind the IDEA District is to create an area for innovation, design, education, arts and technology across 35 city blocks in the upper part of the East Village.

Downtown business and political leaders were treated to a reception Wednesday to show off the new development and unveil some of its unique decorative artwork, including the giant “Current” panel by Natalie Lanese at the complex’ F Street entrance.

“Thank you for adding all this creativity to the downtown community,” said City Councilman Chris Ward, who represents the downtown area. “There is so much energy happening in the East Village.”

Malmuth said the central hub, on which dancers performed Wednesday, is a key part of the complex. He said the developers are “looking forward to being surprised” by the way it’s used.

IDEA1 in downtown San Diego’s East Village. Photo by Chris Jennewein

IDEA1 in downtown San Diego’s East Village. Photo by Chris Jennewein

This is a Times San Diego article by  and is originally posted here.

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