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New York Tech Startups & Why We Care

Urban Theorist, Richard Florida, evaluates the startup scene in New York and how it may apply to other cities, in his article: Is New York the New Model for Startup Cities? which you can read here at CityLab.  It’s well worth the read. It’s thorough and yet, to the point. It reviews findings of a recent study on New York startups and includes research on venture capital funding in New York’s burgeoning startup scene.

Florida stops short of saying that New York is a perfect model for other urban cities in the country, but here’s an excerpt from the article:

That New York is the most reproducible tech hub in the country is a bold claim on several levels. For one, New York is a unique place. It is one of the largest, most diverse, and arguably most economically powerful cities on the planet. Aside from perhaps London, it is hard to think of any other city with these kinds of assets. And of course, the Bay Area remains the world’s leading center for tech startups by a large margin, attracting roughly $13.5 billion dollars in venture funding, four times the level of New York.

New York, Bay Area, London, sure those are great cities. But, after Forbes ranked San Diego the #1 city to launch a business in 2014, we’re pretty sure it’s only  a matter of time before San Diego is on the list of models for the rest. We encourage you to read Florida’s article and let us know what you think. One thing is certain: tech startups are creating a fantastic new urban ecosystem, one city at a time. That’s exactly why we are building IDEA1.

Photo credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri
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