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UCSD opening permanent downtown outpost

This article is by Roger Showley in the San Diego Union-Tribune and is originally posted here.

UCSD opening permanent downtown outpost

In more than  40 years of redevelopment, downtown San Diego has added pricey as well as affordable housing, high-rise office and hotel towers, convention, shopping and sporting meccas and dozens of trendy bars and restaurants.

But now comes what many downtown boosters have dreamed of for decades — a major research university that can attract business, jobs and international attention.

UC San Diego, which previously held classes in rented space, has announced a $42 million, 66,000-square-foot downtown outpost  that will be part a much bigger development due for  City Council review  on Tuesday. Construction is expected to begin next year with completion by late 2020 or early-2021.

When the four-story facility called the “Innovative Cultural and Education Hub” opens at Park Boulevard and Market Street in East Village, students and faculty will conduct field research out of upper-level studios. Campus artists will display art works and perform music, dance and drama pieces. Professors will conduct classes geared to downtown entrepreneurs and the general public. And students from surrounding neighborhoods will learn computer coding and take readiness classes to prepare themselves for college.


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