Why has the concept of an urban mixed-use district driven by a 21st century Innovation and Design jobs cluster, nourished by Educational institutions and enriched by the Arts caught the imagination of San Diego business and community leaders? They understand that in order to ensure our prosperity it will not be enough to rest on our past business success, great weather and beautiful environs. We have to intentionally plan for and work towards:

  • A future that will see breakthrough products, services, and experiences at the confluence of design and technology
  • A future that will be dependent on producing high-paying jobs to attract and retain young, creative and highly educated citizens to ensure our competitive position moving forward
  • A future that will witness the increasing importance of cities as the major engines of innovative ideas and businesses
  • And, a future enriched by art, entertainment and recreation, the hallmarks of all great livable and vibrant cities
  • I.D.E.A. District is our response to this future. As long time San Diego residents, our overarching goal is to enable this vision to become a reality and to unleash its potential to drive new businesses and new jobs in our region.

Our goal is to inform, to inspire, and to invite you to participate in shaping this bold economic development initiative.